Worhorse Pits Coming to the Northwest – Spring of 2024

Cascadia BBQ Supply is very excited to be the new Northwest Retailer for Workhorse pits. Nearly three years ago we purchased a Workhorse 1969, sigh unseen and paid in full. Then the wait began. The few people we could find and contact that already had a Workhorse, said this was the best pit they could find and well worth the wait. Luckily the time went quick as preparations the backyard began.

We removed an old playset left from the previous owners of our house, excavated and leveled a large area of rock and dirt, laid down gravel/sand/pavers and then built an outdoor gazebo that we call the “Smoke Shack”. It was around Easter when the Smoke Shack was completed and it was just then when Workhorse reached out to confirm completion and to schedule the delivery. Some well seasoned post oak arrived and soon did the Workhorse 1969, wagon edition.

It was later in the evening and dark out when the truck arrived, but oh man, this thing was incredible – gleaming from the few lights on the street. I rolled it down the driveway and into the garage for the night. The rest of the evening was spent drinking beer and staring at this new heavy metal mater piece.

The next day I was able to easily roll it to the back yard and into the Smoke Shack – over small rocks, gravel and back uphill over the thick spring grass. No problem; the “Tank” was in its new home and within no time at all, a fire was going and the shiny Tel-Tru thermometers quickly came up to temp. Can’t even remember what I cooked first, but that pit has been used on average about once a week since. From quick smoked / reverse seared steaks to chicken wings to queso dip to brisket to full on backyard parties with ribs, pulled pork, roasted veggies and so on. Every cook seems to get better – both food quality and amazement!

Then one day I received a call from an area code I didn’t recognize and on the other end of the line was JD… I was like “what’s up man, what can I do for you”? He asked, “want to be a Workhorse dealer”? I was a bit shocked for a second and said “sure that would be awesome”. There was quite a bit more to the conversation, but hey in the end I said “let’s move forward”.

My thought was “how great it would be to actually see one of these beasts in person” before purchasing and to be able to acquire a pit much sooner as well as have someone to talk to about it. I didn’t have that, but figured that we could offer that for our local Northwest region. Then and there, Cascadia BBQ Supply began.

We look forward to meeting all of you and discussing the Workhorse Pit smokers.