1975 24″ Firebox Scraper

Meet the 24″ Firebox Scraper by Workhorse Pits, a must-have accessory for your 1975 model. Built with precision and care, this scraper embodies the same commitment to quality that you find in our renowned smokers.


Product Specs

With its raw, clear coat finish and custom design, the 24″ Firebox Scraper seamlessly integrates with your Workhorse Pit. It offers an efficient way to manage ashes and debris, ensuring that your grill environment remains in optimal condition.


  • Compatibility: Exclusively crafted for the 1975 Workhorse Pit models.
  • Construction: Handmade from robust materials with a raw, clear coat finish.
  • Functionality: Provides smooth and efficient ash and debris removal for enhanced grilling experience.
  • Quality Assurance: Tailored to fit your Workhorse Pit, reflecting the artisan craftsmanship we pride ourselves on.


Since we find this a highly useful tool, we stock one firebox scraper for every smoker ordered.