1975 Offset Smoker from Workhorse Pits

The “1975” is our largest capacity offset we offer, showcasing a 24″ diameter and a full 3/8″ (.375″) wall, one of the thickest in the industry. Known for delivering stellar performance globally, the 1975 can handle four briskets or eight to ten Boston butts on the single main cooking grate. Designed for large family gatherings, BBQ competitions, or commercial catering, the 1975 is the solution to elevate your cooking game.

Designed using computational fluid dynamics, the 1975 ensures an even burn and is praised by customers for a precise performance of plus or minus five degrees across the chamber. With features like the original design fold-down smoke stack and a popular optional Cowboy Grill, the 1975 offers everything you need to take your grilling to the next level.

Product Specs

  • Cooking Surface: 2316 Sq Inches with Top Pull-out Rack and Cowboy Grill (47″x23.25″ Grate in Main Chamber; 40.5″x15″ Optional Top Rack; 26.5″x23.25″ Grate in Optional Cowboy Firebox)
  • Exterior Size: Overall Length – 84″, Chamber Length – 48″, Firebox Length – 27″, Overall Height – 85″, 60″ (stack down)
  • Weight: 835lbs
  • Thermometers: Two Tel-tru 300- UT, auto-calibrated (for top rack add two additional top thermometers)


  • (2) Tel-Tru® Temperature Gauges
  • Grease Drain
  • Break-Away Stack
  • Wood Storage Rack
  • 6″ Solid Rubber Casters


  • Cowboy Firebox
  • Top Pull-Out Rack
  • Workhorse Pits Grill Cover
  • Smart Shelf
  • Firebox Scraper
  • Wagon Package


Cascadia’s Take

Take it to the next level! The Workhorse 1975, with it’s large 24″ diameter cooking chamber this pit cooks like the big boys. If you host larger parties, cook for events, want to start a pop up or do some catering, the 1975 will get you there. Blow them away at competitions… Although larger than it’s smaller siblings, the 1975 is easy to cook on; and yea, no problem holding even temps across the entire grate!



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